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Crest of Charleston Battery Soccer Club This unique website takes a look at the meaning and history of the crests, badges and logos of football (soccer) clubs from around the world, and in particular, the United Kingdom.  Simply click on 'UK Clubs' or 'International Clubs' to access the club crest pages.

Crest of Nuneaton Borough AFC We aim to continuously increase the number of clubs and crests featured on, so please do add us to your bookmarks or favourites and re-visit from time to time.

Maidstone United FC's Crest The football crests shown on this site are owned either by the respective club, or the crest's creator. You should not download any crest, badge or logo from this site without prior permission from the owner of the symbol. This website, and those who maintain it, cannot be held responsible for any action taken by or against a user who chooses to download crests without prior permission.

Melbourne Knights SC's Crest To date we have contacted over 1,000 clubs from 31 countries to ask for permission to display their crest on the site. Of these, 190 clubs have responded, with 164 giving us permission to display their crest or logo and 26 have refused as detailed below:

Crest of Parramatta Power Soccer Club England (466/66/18), Scotland (96/13/6), USA (91/10/0), Australia (50/8/0), Denmark (42/4/0), New Zealand (32/7/0), Sweden (30/2/0), Norway (28/0/0), Isle of Man (27/2/0), Canada (26/0/0), Wales (26/4/0), Republic of Ireland (24/8/0), Northern Ireland (20/4/0), Iceland (19/0/0), The Netherlands (18/0/2), Faroe Islands (16/4/0), Russia (16/0/0), Finland (14/0/0), China (10/1/0), Japan (9/2/0), Channel Islands (7/0/0), South Africa (7/1/0), Botswana (1/0/0), Brazil (1/0/0), Egypt (1/0/0), Ghana (1/0/0), Gibraltar (1/0/0), Kenya (1/1/0), Nicaragua (1/1/0), Nigeria (1/0/0), Poland (1/1/0)

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Crest of Dunbar United Football Club If you are a club official of any football club (league or non-league; of senior, intermediate or junior status; UK or international based) and would like to see your club and its crest featured on the site, please submit your club's details by email and we will make the necessary arrangements to add your club. Every club (and crest) is featured free-of-charge with a direct link to its official website.

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