Liverpool F.C. (Supporters Banner & Crest)

Liverpool FC Supporters Club Crest It is not often that a banner created by a group of supporters becomes as well known as an official football club crest, but that is exactly what has happened at Liverpool FC.

Since early 2001, the "Wine for My Men, We Ride At Dawn" Liverpool FC Supporters' Banner, has been seen all over Europe, from Rome Barcelona .... and of course at Anfield!

Despite the banner being a fairly recent creation, the phrase used on it is somewhat of a mystery, having been said by co-owner, Dave Pugh (known for coming out with such phrases and sayings from time to time) while being served in a local store.

Crest Shown in Front of the Famous Liver Building in LiverpoolSince then, many people trying to discover the saying's origins. Suggestions that it might date from the days of Henry V or from the Crimean War have been made. Even Dave Pugh himself is uncertain as to the phrase's origin, although suggests it may have been taken from The Three Musketeers!

The banner itself (shown left in front of the famous Liver Building in Liverpool) displays the now well-known phrase along with the full complement of four European Cups, the club name and a "Liverbird" (also seen on the official Liverpool FC crest).

The success and recent fame of the banner has led to the creation of various items of "Wine For My Men, We Ride At Dawn" merchandise, including a crest / badge (shown top right) that focuses on the Liverbird (which differs from that seen on the official club crest, in that it is standing on a football.) The copyright of this new Liverbird design lies with the supporters who created it, and not the club itself.

Liverpool FC's 'Liverbird' SymbolInterestingly, however, the Liverbird is so well known for its association as an image of Liverpool FC, that the club name is neither shown, or needed, on the supporters' crest itself.

The Liverbird is a mythical creature of mixed origin (Cormorant and Eagle) said to date from the days of King John (13th century). Today two such birds sit proudly on top of the Liver Building (as shown above right) and are known as the Guardians of the Port of Liverpool, overlooking the River Mersey. Legend has it that should the birds ever fly away, then the City of Liverpool would cease to exist.

Thanks to Paul Stewart, Merchandise Coordinator at "Wine For My Men, We Ride At Dawn" Liverpool FC Supporters' Group, for the above crest, photos and information. (For legal reasons we are unable to show the official Liverpool FC crest.)

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Liverpool F.C. (Supporters Banner & Crest)

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