About FootballCrests.com

FootballCrests.com was begun in late 2000 by Chris Munns to preserve and showcase the meaning and history of the crests, badges and logos of football/soccer clubs. Initially focused on the United Kingdom the site has been expanded to include clubs from around the world.

Since the site's inception over 1,000 football clubs from 31 countries have been contacted to be included in the site with clubs being progressively added over the years. The site currently features 165 clubs/crests from 19 different countries. More clubs/crests are added as information on them becomes available and new additions are always welcome, click here for our contact details.

Site Revamp

Due to health reasons Chris reluctantly sold FootballCrests.com to James Graham of Solution Second in October 2006. James implemented the site's current modern look in May 2007 along with improved navigation. Additional features were also added to the site at this time including a statistics page, site map and improved searching capabilities.


In July 2003 FootballCrests.com was awarded "Website of the Month" by "When Saturday Comes" - a national football publication in the U.K. The site was also awarded the FootyMundo.com "Super Site" for August 2002 and the SoccerPatch.com "Featured Site" for December 2002.

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