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Some of the questions we are most often asked about the website are answered below:

1) How do I use

We have purposely tried to make our website as easy as possible to use. Additionally, we haven't used graphics unless they are necessary, so pages should load quickly.

To navigate around the website, use the internal links shown at the top or bottom of each page (in the dark green bars) and click on the other links throughout the site (these will normally be coloured blue and turn red when you hover over them).

To browse the list of clubs featured from the United Kingdom, click on 'UK Clubs'. Clubs featured from the rest of the world are listed under 'International Clubs'. You can search for a club or phrase of your choice via the 'Search' option.

2) The club I support doesn't have a page on Why is this? is currently writing to every senior (status) club in the UK and a number of other clubs worldwide. If the club you support isn't featured, first of all check the list of clubs who have denied us permission to reproduce its crest. If the club you are looking for is NOT listed, it means that we have yet to contact the club you support so visit the site again soon to see what progress we've made! will also feature clubs of intermediate and junior status, although it is up to club officials of these clubs to contact us and supply us with the relevant details.

3) How can I add my club?

If you are a club official and would like your club displayed on the site we would be delighted to do so. Please send all the details you can via our contact page and we will be in touch.

4) Why do you need the permission of a club to add it to

Many clubs now use their crest as an official trademark and some even employ a Brand Protection Manager! Reproducing a trademark without permission is against the law and could result in legal action against us. In addition, we only really want to work with clubs that would actually like to be featured on

5) What's the difference between a crest, a badge, a shield and a coat of arms?

Now that is a good question! In the study of heraldry a crest is merely part of a coat of arms (see below). However, in the world of football (soccer) it has become the norm for the complete image used to officially represent a club to be known as its 'crest' (or sometimes its 'badge' or 'logo'). On, therefore, we assume the terms 'coat or arms', 'crest', 'badge' and 'logo' to mean the same thing. However, the term 'coat of arms' would only be used for the type of image shown below (another example is that shown on the Spennymoor United AFC page). A 'shield' is usually the central item on a coat of arms (as seen below) around which the other items hang.

(Graphic reproduced with the kind permission of

6) Can I link my website to

Yes of course you can and we'd be delighted if you did! Please link to or any other page you are interested in.

If you would like to set up a return link to your website, please email us your details and, assuming the content of your site is appropriate, we'll arrange to do this.

7) I think I know some more about one of the crests you feature. Shall I send you this information?

Yes please do! Some clubs (and local libraries) now have very little information or knowledge about their own crests which may have been in existence for around 100 years! If you do know something more about one of the crests we feature or if you spot a mistake we've made send us an email and we'll arrange to the page updated.

8) Can I advertise on has a range of advertising options available that can be tailored for any situation. Take a look at our advertising page to learn more.

9) Can I copy and use the graphics and text found on the website?

The graphics and text used on belong to the football clubs featured, the site contributors and the creators of this website. You must not, therefore, copy and / or use anything found on this site without prior permission (with the exception on the small purple GIF graphic found as part of question 5 on this page).

If you would like permission to reproduce something found on, please contact us.

10) Does display correctly with all browsers?

The website has been designed to display properly on all of the top browsers. If you have a problem viewing the site with a particular browser we would appreciate letting us know about the problem.

11) I have a different question. Where can I find the answer?

Please contact us and we'll do our best to answer your question!

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