Evesham United F.C.

Current Evesham United FC Crest Four different crests have been used by Evesham United FC since 1991. The current crest (shown right) was introduced at the beginning of the 2001/02 season and while officially 'new', bears remarkable likeness to the crest in use between 1994/95 and 1998/99 (see below).

1994/95-1998/99 Crest The crest used now would seem to indicate that Evesham United play in red and black stripes although this is not actually the case. In fact it plays in red & white stripes as illustrated on the 1994/95-1998/99 crest (shown left) by the wide background bars. The robin (seen on all crests) represents the team's original red-breasted shirts.

1998/99-2000/01 Crest For three seasons, 1998/99-2000/01 (including an overlap period with the previous crest) a round-quartered crest / badge was used by the club (shown right).

In the quarters were a robin, the letters 'EU' and 'FC' taken from the club name, and a famous landmark and symbol of the town of Evesham, the 'Bell Tower'. Built in 1538 as part of Evesham Abbey (which has since been demolished) and 110 feet tall, the 'Bell Tower' can be seen from all parts of the town, including the terraces of Evesham United's Common Road ground.

Around the outside of the circular core, a white ring contained the full club name and the official club nickname, "The Robins".

1991 to 1994 CrestFrom 1991 to 1994, a simple button-badge style crest represented Evesham United FC (see left). This displayed a cartoon-style robin surrounded by a ring containing the full club name. Below this the season date was shown resulting in a slightly altered crest and badge for each season from 1991/92 to 1993/94 inclusive.

Thanks to Ian Chester, Programme Columnist at Evesham United FC, for the above crests and information.

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Evesham United F.C.

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