Spennymoor United AFC

Spennymoor United AFC Crest The crest of Spennymoor United AFC was granted to Spennymoor Urban Council in 1952, although it is uncertain when it was first used on the Spennymoor United club shirts.

The features on the arms symbolise prominent families in the birth of Spennymoor town, its association with the steel and coal industries and a famous 19th century battle.

The black and red quarters of the shield represent the local coal workings and furnaces, the mural crown - sitting on a closed helmet - denotes the town's association with the coal industry, while the sword (held by the salamander) and flames show links with the steel industry and its furnaces. The gold cross, separating the four quarters is taken from the arms of Durham County Council, with the ten blood droplets recalling the combat at Butchers Race which played a great part in the battle of Neville's Cross.

The lions, the fleur-de-lys and the salamander are linked to the prominent families of Attwood, Coulson and Shafto (from where the verse "Bobby Shafto went to sea" originated).

The inscription at the bottom of the crest means, "with hope no-one shall fail" and refers to the spirit that saved Durham at Butchers Race and the faith that animated the pioneers of industry in Spennymoor.

The name 'Spennymoor' is believed to have originated from the Anglo-Saxon word 'Spen' - thought to mean 'hedge'.

Thanks to Garry Nunn, Press Officer at Spennymoor United AFC, for the above crest and information.

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Spennymoor United AFC

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