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Sittingbourne FC Crest The crest of Sittingbourne FC bears much resemblance to the coat of arms of the former Sittingbourne & Milton Urban District Council.

The sheild's gold background - the colour of royalty - refers to the area's royal connections through the Royal Manor of Milton and the Elizabethan Charters granted to Sittingbourne.

The lion (left) depicts the old Red Lion Inn, an important stopping point for coaches in past times (where Henry V is said to have rested on his return from Agincourt).

On the right, the wyvern (a mythical monster) is believed to represent the Herbert family. Philip Herbert, Earl of Montgomery, was granted the Royal Manor of Milton in 1610 by King James I. Today the symbol of the wyvern can be seen at various points around the Sittingbourne and Milton region.

Between the two beasts, a scroll of parchment marks the town's paper making industry.

At the top of the shield, a black chief (which is blue on the former Sittingbourne & Milton UDC coat of arms) contains a Saxon Crown - indicating that Milton was a Royal Manor as far back as the era of King Alfred - and two shells noting the importance of the local fisheries in times past. The chief has almost definitely been recoloured to take into account the football club's home colours of red and black.

The motto at the bottom of the crest displays the club's name. This has been changed from the motto used on the old Sittingbourne & Milton UDC coat of arms which read "known by their fruits".

When Sittingbourne FC went into liquidation during 1998, many of the club's records (history) were lost. It is therefore unknown as to when the crest displayed on this page was first used by the club. Old match programmes show it in use at least as far back as 1991. The former Sittingbourne & Milton UDC coat of arms were granted to the council in 1947. One can therefore conclude that the football club crest was created at some point between 1947 and 1991.

Thanks to John Pitts, Programme Editor at Sittingbourne FC, for the above crest and information. (Additional information from Civic Heraldry and Holy Trinity Church websites.)

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Sittingbourne F.C.

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