Pathetic Sharks F.C.

Pathetic Sharks FC Crest/Badge Based in Thurso in northern Scotland, Pathetic Sharks FC was formed in 1987 and currently plays in the Caithness 7's Winter League. The rules in this league are unique within football in that multiple repeated substitutions are allowed but a complete ban exists on the sliding tackle.

The club's unique crest features the side's mascot - 'Sharkie' - who is always to be found smiling, whether the team has won or lost!

Also on the crest is the club name, its year of formation and the fun quote "Oh lordy!". It is completed in the club's colours of blue and white.

With improved team performances over the last few years, some of its players had wanted the 'Pathetic' part of the club name dropped. However, this idea was not popular amongst the club's supporters and so the name 'Pathetic Sharks FC' is here to stay for the foreseeable future!

Thanks to David Terrace, Secretary at Pathetic Sharks FC, for the above crest and information.

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Pathetic Sharks F.C.

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    Blue & White
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    Naver Park
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    Pathetic Sharks F.C.
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    27 May 2004
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