Kingborough Lions United S.C.

Kingborough Lions United SC Crest Kingborough Lions United SC was formed in 1998 following a merger between Kingborough United SC and West Hobart Lions SC. (West Hobart Lions SC had previously been known as 'Caledonian SC' prior to the banning of ethnic based names by Soccer Australia.)

Kingborough United SC was itself the result of several previous mergers and had recently moved to a new stadium (Lightwood Park) while West Hobart Lions SC was without a permanent home.

A lion was used as the emblem of both clubs. The post-merger club crest, therefore, displays two lions - one for each original club. In addition the crest is made up of a striped shield displaying the club initials, a football representing the sport played and the full club name.

A motto, "Sic Corda Lionum" completes the crest. Roughly translated this means "Compete with the heart of a Lion".

The original 1998 design of the Kingborough Lions United SC crest did not include a shield. This element was added later because, without it, many people thought that the two lions were fighting each other!

Thanks to Steve Kerr, Webmaster at Kingborough Lions United SC, for the above crest and information.

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Kingborough Lions United S.C.

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    Black & Blue stripes
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    Lightwood Park
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    Kingborough Lions United S.C.
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    20 Nov 2002
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