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Halswell United Soccer Crest & Badge Halswell United Soccer was founded in 1964 as Halswell United A.F.C. in Christchurch, New Zealand. It was a small club on the southern outskirts of the city that has now grown into one of the larger clubs on the South Island.

It was decided that when the national body changed it’s title to ‘Soccer’ from ‘Association Football’ in 1999, that the club would also follow suit.

The club colours were determined by the inspiration from the wife of one of the founding members. When making the 1st strip, by sowing up white business shirts, she decided it need some colour. When looking for a trim, she found some green material, thus giving the club white and green as it’s official colours. As the years progressed the strip became green with white trim, with white now being used as the away strip colour.

The early club crests were simply the letters H.U.A.F.C. around a ball. When, in 1988, the club took on the nickname ‘The Hawks’, a new logo developed that had a hawk carrying a ball. Through the years it has been developed into the present format, which was designed by current club Vice President, Craig Crawford.

Thanks to Craig Crawford, Vice President at Halswell United Soccer, for the above crest and information.

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Halswell United Soccer

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    New Zealand
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    Green & White
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    The Nest
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    Halswell United Soccer
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    3 Aug 2004
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