Fisher Athletic [London] F.C.

Current Fisher Athletic [London] FC Crest Fisher Athletic [London] FC, is a club that has had a troubled past, being re-formed on a number of occasions. It has therefore used a number of variations on its crests / badges over the years, although most of these were based around three basic designs - the 'angry fish' crest (right), one resembling the former Bermondsey Metropolitan Borough Council's coat of arms (below left) and an altered version of the London Borough of Southwark's coat of arms (below right).

Club records are somewhat incomplete, although it is thought versions of the 'angry fish' crest were in use from the date of the club's first formation in 1908. Fisher Athletic was formed by Michael Culliton, Headmaster of Dockhead School, and The John Fisher Catholic Society. One can be fairly certain, therefore, that the fish and cross on the original (and current) crest (it was reintroduced from the start of the 2001/02 season) represent the Catholic Bishop, John Fisher (who became a Saint in 1935).

Previous Fisher Athletic [London] FC CrestVersions of the former Bermonsey Metropolitan Borough Council's coat of arms (left) were used as the club as its crest for a number of years. Old match programmes show the Bermonsey MBC crest in use from at least the early-1990s (possibly 1993 when the club reformed) up until the end of the 2000/01 season. It is believed that this crest was also used by Fisher Athletic for certain periods between the clubs formation and the late-1980s.

On this fine crest, the lion and crosier represent Bermondsey itself and its vanished Abbey, which was endowed with the Manor of Bermondsey by William Rufus. The axe and crown represent King (later Saint) Olave (St Olave was a former Parish in the area covered by Bermondsey MBC) while the ship reminds us that Rotherhithe's main industry used to be shipbuilding.

Alternate Fisher Athletic [London] FC Crest A third crest (seen right) used by the club is an altered version of the London Borough of Southwark coat of arms. When and for how long this crest was used is uncertain, although it definitely seems to have been in favour during the late 1980s - a time when Fisher Athletic FC was one of the top non-league sides in England.

The London Borough of Southwark was formed by an amalgamation of the Metropolitan Boroughs of Bermondsey, Camerwell and Southwark in 1966. On the new arms granted then, the cross and quarters are taken from the previous arms of all three former Boroughs. The well and cinquefoils are from the arms of the Metropolitan Borough of Camerwell, the ship is from the arms of the Metropolitan Borough of Bermondsey (see above) and the rose is from the arms of the Metropolitan Borough of Southwark. The chequers are said to symbolise the Borough's old and new elements while the supporters represent the area's connections with Shakespeare and Chaucer, and are taken from Hamlet and The Canterbury Tales.

This Fisher Athletic club crest differs to the arms of the London Borough of Southwark in that a football has replaced a tree at the top, while the club name (which has also been added around the edge of the crest with the club's formation date at the bottom) has replaced the motto, "United to Serve".

Thanks to Ian Levene (Website Editor) and Teressa Watson (Programme Editor) at Fisher Athletic [London] FC, for the above crests and information. (Additional information from Civic Heraldry website.)

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Fisher Athletic [London] F.C.

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