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Current Cheshunt Football Club Crest The original Cheshunt Football Club was formed around 1880 but folded in 1931. No images of its crest (if the club had one at all) are known to exist.

In the early days of the present club (formed in July 1946) a fluttering amber flag with the words ‘CHESHUNT FOOTBALL CLUB’ in black, was used on club jerseys and blazers.

It was replaced by the more elaborate crest we basically see today in the (a design based on the ‘old’ pre-1973 Borough of Cheshunt’s coat of arms).

Orginal Cheshunt Football Club Crest The Borough's coat of arms (shown left) was designed in 1945 and indicates the three ‘townships’ that make up the Borough – Waltham Cross (represented by a golden castle with three towers, an extract from Queen Eleanor’s coat of arms who was a Princess of Castile), Cheshunt (represented by the united rose and thistle of King James I, who had residence at Theobalds Palace – now Cedars Park) and Goffs Oak (represented by an oak tree bearing acorns).

Ermine Street, the Roman Road that ran through the district, is represented by the tree-lined stripe down the centre of the shield whilst the River Lea is shown as a blue wavy band with white either side of it. This coat of arms can still be seen on the wall outside Wolsley Hall at the old pond in Cheshunt and also on the stained-glass at Cheshunt Library. It was faithfully reproduced on the club blazers in the 1960s, though looking at the programme covers from that time, you can start to see differences emerging.

The thistle-rose is looking more like a large leaf and the blue bar of the River Lea is left uncoloured, leaving it looking like two wavy lines. By the 1970s the thistle-rose had become an oak leaf, which remains on the club crest today, and you’d have to have a good imagination to see the River Lea at all, being shown as a couple of yellow / black lines!

Cheshunt Football Club Crest 1970s Whether these changes came down to poor reproductions leading to later mistakes or there is some genuine reason for the differences is uncertain. The end result was a club crest (shown right) in yellow and blue (the club colours from 1975 to 1995) that stayed in use until 2003 when the original club colours of amber and black were revived and substituted to the same design (shown top right).

Thanks to Jim Tuite, Programme Editor at Cheshunt FC, for the above crests and information.

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