Wigan Athletic F.C.

Current Wigan Athletic FC Crest The current crest used by Wigan Athletic FC is in fact the Arms of the Metropolitan Borough of Wigan (which were granted in 1974 following the formation of the Metropolitan Borough through the coming together of 14 former districts).

The blazon (official heraldic description) describes the Arms as follows:

Lozengy Or and Sable each Lozenge Or charged with a Rose Gules barbed and seeded proper on a Chief Sable a Lion couchant guardant Or. On a Wreath of the Colours in front of a Mountain Ash (Wiggin Tree) fructed proper a Castle triple towered Argent the centre tower ensigned by an Ancient Crown Or. On the dexter side a Lion crowned with an Ancient Crown Or and on the sinister side a Sparrowhawk close proper belled Or the whole upon a Compartment representing a Grassy Mount proper.

Motto: Progress with Unity

The keys words above can be translated as follows:

Lozengy, Lozenge - diamond shapes
Or - gold or yellow
Sable - black
Gules - red
Proper - shown in its natural colour(s)
Chief - top part of the shield
Couchant - animal lying down but with head and tail erect
Guardant - looking outwards
Argent - silver
Dexter - the right hand side (as viewed)
Sinister - the left hand side (as viewed)

The black diamonds on the shield represent the local coal-mining industry while the red roses represent the county of Lancashire.

The lion (couchant), crowned lion and castle are all taken from the Arms of the County Borough of Wigan (see below left) while the Mountain Ash - or 'Wiggin Tree' - was chosen purely as a pun on the name of the district.

A sparrowhawk is taken from the Arms of Leigh and Atherton (two of the 14 districts that came together to form the Metropolitan Borough of Wigan) and originates from the Arms of the Atherton family.

First Wigan Athletic FC Crest The first crest to be used by Wigan Athletic FC was the Arms of the now defunct County Borough Council of Wigan (granted in 1922 and seen left). Several elements of these Arms were incorporated into the Arms of the Metropolitan Borough of Wigan (the club's current crest and seen top right).

On the County Borough Arms, a castle is representative of an old castle and tower gateway to the town and appears on the town's earliest seal dating from the 12th century. A king's head and two royal lions mark Edward III's award of a royal charter to the town in 1350, while branches of a Mountain Ash (or 'Wiggin Tree') are also visible.

Third Wigan Athletic FC Crest For a while, the club used a third crest (in-between the use of the two sets of Arms). This more simple design (seen right) features two of the elements from the original Arms used by the club as its crest - a Crown and a 'Wiggin Tree'. Enclosing these is the full club name shown in a ring.

Thanks to Chris Ammonds, Media Manager at Wigan Athletic FC, for the above crests and information. (Additional information from Civic Heraldry and the Ultimate Wigan Athletic websites.)

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