The Jacks S.C.

The Jacks SC Crest The Jacks SC is currently one of the fastest growing soccer clubs in Perth, Western Australia and was established in 1992 (originally as Joondalup City SC - also still a club in its own right) by a group of ex-pat British soccer players who, through the club's name, colours and crest) wanted to reflect their heritage without being overtly ethnic.

Red, white and blue were chosen as the club's colours, being taken from the 'Union Jack' (the national flag of Great Britain) while the club's original nickname, "The Jacks" went on to become its formal name.

The club's crest is based on a standard "Jack" from a pack of playing cards with the club's name shown below and a large "J" in the top left hand corner marking the original club name of Joondalup SC.

In addition the Jack's shirt has been styled in the pattern and colours of The Union Jack flag.

The Jacks SC caters for soccer at masters, social and junior levels, playing at Gumblossom Park in Quinns Rocks, Perth.

Thanks to Chris Jackson, Committee Member at The Jacks SC, for the above crest and information.

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The Jacks S.C.

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    Red, White & Blue
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    Gumblossom Park
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    The Jacks S.C.
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    21 Jan 2005
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