Rye & Iden United F.C.

Rye & Iden United F.C. Crest Rye & Iden United FC came into existence at the beginning of the 2001/02 season with the amalgamation of Rye United FC (formed in 1938 by an amalgamation of previous Rye clubs) and Iden FC (formed in 1965).

The club crest is in fact the famous coat of arms of the Confederation of the Cinque Ports and is believed to date from the 13th century, possibly during the reign of King Edward I. (The Confederation provided for the maritime defence of the realm until the establishment of a permanent navy.)

It is thought that three golden lions were taken from the arms of the English kings from the end of the 12th century and joined to the hulls of three ships to mark the ship service provided by the Cinque Ports to the English Crown.

The blazon (official description) of the coat of arms reads: "Per pale gules and azure three lions passant guardant Or conjoined to as many ships' hulls Or".

Translated this means: "Halves of red and blue with three horizontal gold lions looking towards the observer, joined to the hulls of three gold ships".

The Rye & Iden United FC crest is not, as many people believe, the same as that used by Hastings United FC (previously Hastings Town FC). The latter club uses a variation of the Cinque Ports coat of arms, unique to the town Hastings itself.

Thanks to Richard King, Website Administrator at Rye & Iden United FC, for the above crest and information. (Additional information from the Confederation of Cinque Ports website.)

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Rye & Iden United F.C.

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