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Peel AFC Crest & Logo The current crest of Peel AFC was adopted by the club following a local competition in 1980. The winning entry was submitted by June Parrick.

The crest, seen right, is divided into four sections:

The top-left quarter shows the club name and colours (the red and white stripes representing the team shirts and the black name representing the team's black shorts).

The top-right quarter shows an image of the ruined St German's Cathedral on St Patrick's Isle (part of Peel) believed to date from the 12th century.

The bottom-right quarter displays the 'Three Legs of Man' national emblem on the national flag's background (field) colour of red.

The bottom-left quarter represent the Viking rule of the area between the 9th and 13th centuries.

The four sections are linked by a football, representing the sport played by the club.

Thanks to Colin Moore, Secretary at Peel AFC, for the above crest and information.

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Peel AFC

  • Club location:
    Isle of Man
  • Club colours:
    Red & White stripes
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  • Stadium:
    Douglas Road
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    Peel AFC
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    14 Oct 2002
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    24 Mar 2008
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