Leyton Orient F.C.

Leyton Orient FC Crest The crest currently used by Leyton Orient FC dates from 1976 when a competition to design a new club crest was held in the local Walthamstow Guardian newspaper.

Two entrants - Clive Brown and Mark Hodges - both submitted similar entries and were deemed to be joint winners of the competition. The final design was then completed by the Club Chairman, Brian Winston.

The crest was altered slightly in 1987 when the club changed its name back to 'Leyton Orient FC' from 'Orient FC', but other than that, the 1976 design is still in use today.

Two wyverns are the main feature of the crest. A wyvern is a mythical creature - half dragon, half serpent. These were chosen to highlight the 'eastern mystery' of the Orient and the club's history with the area through the Orient Shipping Line.

It has also been suggested that 'dragon' part of the wyvern represents the crest of the City of London (which is similar to the Leyton Orient club crest) and that the 'serpent' part of the wyvern represents the sea (again through connections with the Orient Shipping Line).

The crest is complemented by the club name and its year of formation on a football (representing the sport played by the club).

Although a simple club logo had been used in the 1930s, the first real crest used by Leyton Orient FC was when in 1946, following the name change from Clapton Orient to Leyton Orient, a version of the Borough of Leyton's coat of arms was adopted.

In the summer of 1965, following the Borough of Leyton's incorporation into the new London Borough of Waltham Forest, a simple blue and white striped shield was introduced as the club crest. Six months later, however, the crest had been changed again to become an oval enclosing the colours of blue, white and yellow (the colours of the P&O Group who had taken over the Orient Shipping Line after whom the club had been named many years before).

At the beginning of the 1969/70 season, Orient FC introduced another new crest - a red dragon. This was used until the introduction of the current club crest in 1976.

Thanks to Matt Porter, Press Officer at Leyton Orient FC, for the above crest and information. (Additional information from the official Leyton Orient FC website.)

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Leyton Orient F.C.

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