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IF Sylvia Crest & Logo The current crest / logo of IF Sylvia was created in 1922 at the same time as the club's formation.

Over the years, minor alterations have been made to the crest. Initially it was just black and white, with the gold elements being added later. Early designs were also "less rounded" in shape.

The latest version of the crest (updated by Kostas Karatanasis of Treman Grafiska AB) was introduced in 1997 when IF Sylvia gained promoted to the Superettan (Swedish First Division).

The meaning of the club crest is not known for certain. However, it is believed that the "heart shape" represents the fact that IF Sylvia was formed as a members club and continues to be so today (despite the high level of success it has achieved). Hence the local members keep the club "close to their hearts", while they themselves are "the heart of the club".

At the crest's centre is a football - representing the sport played by the club - while the club initials also fill the heart.

Below the main element, the club name is displayed.

Thanks to Ann Björling, Webmaster at IF Sylvia, for the above crest and information.

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IF Sylvia

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  • Club colours:
    Black & White
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  • Stadium:
    Idrottsparken (shared with IFK Norrköping)
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    IF Sylvia
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    21 May 2003
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