Havnar Bóltfelag

Current HB Tórshavn Crest/Badge/Logo Havnar Bóltfelag (Tórshavn Football Club) or HB Tórshavn, based in Tórshavn (the capital of the Faroe Islands) was formed 4 Oct 1904 and has been playing in the the country's top division since 1942. Tórshavn is usually just referred to as ”Havn” in the Faroes (hence Havnar Bóltfelag). In daily speech the football club is simply known as "HB".

The club members decided to source a new crest (logo) at its AGM on 21 Feb 2005. The new crest (seen top right) was created by the club’s present webmaster and former HB player and secretary of the board, Marni Mortensen. It shows HB’s red and black colours (Milan-like stripes), the full name of the club, ”Havnar Bóltfelag”, and the year of its formation, "1904". In addition, the crest shows the hammer of the mighty Nordic God, Thor, inside a b> ring of lightening. Thor is the Nordic God of thunder and lightening. Thunder and lightening are regarded as power, and HB is indeed the powerhouse in Faroese football! Thor’s hammer ”Mjolnir” is also the dominating symbol of the Tórshavn City Council logo, with the word "Tórshavn" meaning ”Thor’s harbour”. The hammer and surrounding ring of lightening is in gold colour to give the new symbol even more power and dignity.

Special 100th Anniversary HB Tórshavn A special 100th anniversary club crest (shown left) was created and used throughout the 2004 season (the football season runs from March to October in the Faroes). It was also created by Marni Mortensen with assistance from local advertising agency "Repro-Z" and shows more or less most of the same elements as the new crest that followed it. The 17 stars surrounding the logo symbolize HB’s championships until 2003. However, since then, HB overtook KÍ Klaksvík’s long standing record of 17 championship wins, with an 18th title in2004!

Nobody really knows the origins of the old original club crest/logo (shown below right). It is thought to be from some time before World War II. The theory is that is was ordered from - and made as a pin by - a sports shop in Copenhagen, Denmark, and later redrawn on paper in the Faroes. It shows the shortened version of the club name and also the club's year of formation.

Orginal HB Tórshavn Pin Badge There is no proof of the logo being used as anything other than a pin-badge until the late 1960s, when it started to appear on the club’s official headed writing paper. The HB logo - as with most other sports logos in the Faroes - wasn’t used much in public however, and didn’t appear on the club shirts until 1980. To begin with, this crest was used in a single blue colour, but in 1992 the HB board decided to make it red and black in order to push more for a red and black club identity (proving to be a very successful long-term move indeed).

HB is often said to be the Faroes’ "Manchester United" or "Real Madrid", simply the team the others have to overcome to become league champions or cup winners. Tórshavn is also home to the nations' other big club, "B36", with whom HB share the Gundadalur stadium. HB has, however, traditionally been looked upon as the Tórshavn team (partly, no doubt, because of the word "Tórshavn" featuring in the full version of the club name); the "capital team" everybody either loves or hates!

Thanks to Marni Mortensen, Webmaster at HB Tórshavn, for the above crests and information.

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Havnar Bóltfelag

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    Faroe Islands
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    Red & Black
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    Gundadalur Stadium (shared with B36)
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    Havnar Bóltfelag
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    6 May 2005
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