Hailsham Town F.C.

Hailsham Town FC CrestHailsham Town FC, along with a number of the town's other sports clubs, uses the official town crest as its own.

The crest, seen right, is divided into four sections:

The top-left quarter shows six gold martlets and a crown which are the armorial bearings of the County of East Sussex. Martlets have the distinguishing feature in heraldry for being shown without feet and have been used to represent the County of Sussex for hundreds of years.

The top-right quarter shows a sheaf of corn, a crook and a rake. These illustrate the agricultural and rural nature of the area, from which Hailsham derived its status as a market town.

The bottom-right quarter shows a windmill. Hailsham once had many mills, but the one shown is believed to be the town's last surviving mill -Hamlin's Mill in Mill Road (where the remains of the mill's ancilliary buildings can still be seen today).

The bottom-left quarter shows a ball of twine and rope "dolly", marking the fact that Hailsham is best known for its ropemaking industry. Although most of this has now disappeared, the Marlow Ropes factory to be found in the town, ensures the tradition continues.

Added to the town crest is the football club's name. This isn't always displayed at the bottom of the crest, but in a number of different ways around it, depending on where and how the crest is being used.

Hailsham was also the original home of FootballCrests.com.

Thanks to David Robichaud, Vice Chairman at Hailsham Town FC, for the above crest and information. (Additional information from Hailsham Town Council.)

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Hailsham Town F.C.

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