D.C. United S.C.

D.C. United SC Crest & Logo D.C. United SC has played in the Eastern Conference of Major League Soccer since the formation oftheleague in 1996.

The name 'United' was chosen to embody the tradition prevalent in the sport and the gathering of the community in support of the organization and the causes it is involved with.

Particularly suitable for a team based in the USA's capital city, the name also suggests that the often opinionated local residents and workers (and their many differing political viewpoints) can be united as one through support of the region's elite soccer club.

The club crest was originally designed in 1996, having undergone slight changes to morph into the logo now used (see top right). The initial design depicted the nation's bird - a bald eagle - clawing three balls to signify the local areas of Northern Virginia, Maryland, and D.C. with the wings pointing downward. Thebirdrepresents the nation's capital as well as the strength, power, speed, and finesse of the team. After the club won the first MLS Cup Championship,the descending wings were turned aloft and spread open to representan attacking presence. The three soccer balls were consolidated into one, encompassed by a golden star on the bird's chest representing the team's feat of becoming the first MLS Champions.

The team's colors - black and red - were chosen to move away from the contemporary red, white, and blue that are often linked with the nation's capital.

D.C. United SC Word Mark D.C. United's'word mark' (shown left) is utilized primarily for professional reasons.

The club plays in Washington D.C. at the RFK Stadium.

Thanks to Doug Hicks, Senior Director of Communications at D.C. United SC, for the above crests and information.

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D.C. United S.C.

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    RFK Stadium
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