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Current Colchester United FC Crest The current crest of Colchester United FC is in fact the club's fifth, having been introduced in 1994.

When Colchester United FC was formed in June 1937, the club adopted the Colchester Coat-of-Arms as its official crest. Already in use by Colchester Town FC (formed 1873) the two clubs wore the same badge and indeed shared the the same stadium until the latter club's demise at Christmas time, 1937.

Featuring the living cross of St Helena (said to have been born in Colchester in the third century AD) and the crowns of the three nativity story kings, the club used this fine crest until 1972, when sadly a dispute arose between the Borough Council and Colchester United FC over the use of the Borough's Arms as the club's official crest.

A new club crest - the club's second - was then designed and introduced in time for the 1972/73 season. This was the first to feature the now familiar eagle image. The inspiration for this came from the town's long history dating back to the Roman occupation when Roman Legions are said to have carried an eagle emblem.

Used for ten years, this basically oblong design became a circular one in 1983, when in addition, the club name was added around the circumference of the ring.

In 1986 the club crest was altered once again, although this time it was just the image of the eagle itself that was slightly modified.

The crest changed from a circular design to today's shield-shaped image in 1994 (see top right). The golden eagle is set against a background of blue and white stripes - the traditional colours of Colchester United's club shirts.

Thanks to Matt Hudson, Media Manager at Colchester United FC, for the above crest and information. (Additional information from Alan Dews, Vice Chairman of Colchester United Supporters Association.)

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Colchester United F.C.

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