Aberystwyth Town F.C.

Aberystwyth Town F.C. Crest/Badge The crest of Aberystwyth Town FC represents the town of Aberystwyth by having on it, the major landmarks of the castle and the harbour, together with the club colours of black and green.

The blazon (official description) of this crest / badge reads as follows:

Per party pale, sable and vert, on a chevron counterchanged between in chief a paly or, and a lymphad or with sails furled argent and pennon flying to dexter gules: in the base a representation of a castle tower at Aberystwyth or, three footballs pannelled and laced argent. Crest: a dragon gules, as the emblem of Wales. Lambrequin: on dexter side vert and or, and to the sinister side, sable and or.

Translated words of the above:

per party - divided
pale - divided vertically in colours
sable - black
vert - green
counterchanged - colours in reverse
chief - top part of the shield
paly - divided into equal parts vertically
or - gold or yellow
lymphad - ancient propelled boat
dexter - right side of arms (left side to viewer)
gules - red
argent - silver
lambrequin - a decorative cloak hanging down each side of the shield of the main colours of the arms, lined in gold or silver

Thanks to Alan Cookson (Webmaster, ATFC Latest News website - no longer online) and Rhun Owen (Secretary, Aberystwyth Town FC) for the above crest and information.

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Aberystwyth Town F.C.

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