Írebro SK

Írebro SK Crest & Logo The current crest of top Swedish club, Írebro SK, has been in existence since 1909, just a year after the club's formation (in October 1908).

The crest shows the letters "O-S-K" surrounded by a laurel wreath. These represent the full club name: Írebro Sportklubb (Írebro Sports Club).

Some versions of the crest / logo also show the full club name - including the word "fotboll" (Swedish for "football") - on a banner attached to the bottom section of the laurel wreath (as shown in the example above right).

Thanks to Christer Blohm, Club Historian at Írebro SK, for the above crest and information. (Additional assistance from Michael Raney, President / CEO of the World Football Organization.)

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Írebro SK

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    Black & White
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    Behrn Arena
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    Írebro SK
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    7 May 2003
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    13 Jan 2009
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